“Juan Del Santo is a Spanish stage and film actor, winner of eight acting awards as best actor in a leading role for the film Flow at several International Film Festivals. He is also a co-writer and co-producer of the film, which has won 35 international awards. His role is complete, since in the film he shows his versatility and a great ability to transform himself, performing a wide variety of characters. In this film Juan Del Santo reveals himself as one of the most interesting figures in the acting scene; his work in Flow has been acknowledged unanimously by international juries."

Javier Ugarte, Director of Viajero Caníbal cultural magazine.

Foto del cartel del largometraje Flow

"Del Santo connects with the audience; he has a touching credibility and moves the spectators. The characters, which are heard but never seen, are close and familiar, as if they were truly present in the scene." Mª Ángeles Almacellas, film critic and member of the Cinema Writers Circle of Spain.

"Juan Del Santo is splendid in his role as Walter Mann. He has to, because the film is almost a monologue from the beginning to the end. He alone supports the weight of the whole dramatic action in the film. A thrilling test for any actor." Viajero Caníbal magazine.

"Juan Del Santo, who gives an astounding and moving performance in his role as Walter Mann, is also the co-producer and co-writer of Flow." Adriana Delgado, American film critic and resident in Florida.

Curriculum Vitae

Nombre: Juan Alberto García Del Santo


Dramatic Arts, London International School of Acting. London, 1988-1990.
    Accredited by the US Department of Education. br>
    Patrons: Peter O’Toole, Maggie Smith, John Inman and others. 
    School Principal: Brian Lidstone, member of the professional trade organization for stage directors across the UK.
Mime, London International School of Acting, with Sussan and Peter Szymanowsky.  London, 1988-1990.
Voice training course, with Jesús Aladrén.  Madrid, 1995.
Voice training course, with Belén Mota.  Madrid, 1996.
Stage Management course, London International School of Acting. London, 1998-1990.
Music theory and piano with Alfonso G. Maturana. Madrid, 1997-2000.
Mime course, with Sara López. Madrid, 2000.
3-day course at the Actors Studio of New York as an auditing student. May 2000. 
Tap dance course, advanced level, Escuela El Ratón. Madrid, 2001-2002.
12-week Shakespeare intensive course at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. New York, August 2002. 
English interpreter course, Estudio Sampere. Grade obtained: Distinction. Madrid,2005.


-Juggling, Nunchaku and conjuring.
-Oriental techniques Aikido and Katsugen, ceramic, Chi Kung.
-Zen meditation and relaxation.
-Karate, swimming, tennis, football, ping-pong, etc.


"Caso Cerrado", directed by Javier Lira, 2004.  Lead actor.
"Una dama para dos", directed by José Luis Matrán, 2002. Lead actor.
"Llama un inspector", directed by Rafael Redondo, La Carreta theatre company, 2002. Lead actor.
"Frankenstein "(in English), directed by Rupert Marshall, 2001. Lead actor.
"Los buenos días perdidos", directed by Julia María Butrón, 2002. Supporting actor.
"Escorial", directed by Javier Páez, 2000. Lead actor.
"La cinta dorada", directed by Rafael Redondo, La Carreta theatre company, 2000. Supporting actor.
"Salvaje", directed by Vicente Aranda Vizcaíno, 2000. Lead actor.
"El largo adiós", directed by Javier Páez, 1999. Lead actor.
"El zoo de cristal", directed by Juan José Pavón, 1999. Lead actor.
"Agnus Dei", directed by Juan José Pavón, 1998. Lead actor.
"El hombre elefante", directed by Vicente Aranda Vizcaíno, 1996. Lead actor.
"Hada Madrina", directed by Miguel Ángel Fernández Boris, 1995. Lead actor.
"Miguel Hernández,vida, amor y muerte de un poeta2,directed by Jesús Fernández, 1992.Supporting actor.
"Sí", directed by Vicente Aranda Vizcaíno, 1991. Lead actor.


"Teresa de Jesús, vida y verdad". Director. Adapted for the stage by Juan Del Santo and others. F.Carmelo, San José de Ávila, 2014.


"El jugador de ajedrez" (2016), by Luis Oliveros. Producer: Gerardo Herrero.  Supporting actor.
Chosen for the Official Selection of the Málaga Film Festival. 
"Flow" (2013), directed by David Martínez. Lead actor, co-writer and co-producer.
"Misterioso asesinato en las aulas" (2011),directed by Javier Figuero. Supporting actor and producer.
"The disciple" (2010), directed by Emilio R. Barrachina. Supporting actor (original version in English).
"El prado de las estrellas" (2007), directed by Mario Camus. Supporting actor.
(Chosen for the Official Selection of the Valladolid International Film Festival)
"La playa de los galgos" (2002), directed by Mario Camus. Supporting actor.
"Semana Santa (Angel of death)", directed by Joseph Danquart. Co-production (original version in English).Supporting actor.
"Juego de Luna" (2002), directed by Mónica Laguna. Supporting actor.
"El regreso del Coyote" (1998),directed by Mario Camus. Supporting actor.
"El pájaro de la felicidad" (1993), directed by Pilar Miró. Supporting actor.
"La viuda del capitán Estrada" (1991),directed by José Luis Cuerda. Supporting actor. 


23 short films acting in a leading and supporting role, namely:

Tablas  (2007), directed by Javier Figuero. Lead actor and producer.
     Selected for the Sarajevo International Film Festival (accredited by the FIAPF).
     Best short film award at the Indie Fest Film Festival, 2009 (USA).
     International Mountain Film Festival 2010, California (USA).
     Yosemite International Film Festival, 2010 (USA).
     Honourable Mention at the Veneration International Film Festival 2009, Virginia (USA).
El Hombre Orquesta  (2007), directed by J.P. Martín Rosete and Luis Pérez. Lead actor and executive producer.
     Selected for the Film Festival `Message to a Man´ (accredited by the FIAPF). Russia.
     Special Mention of the Jury at the Oporto International Film Festival. 
Instantes íntimos  (2007),directed by David Martínez. Lead actor and co-producer.
Distancias  (2006), directed by Jorge Dorado. Lead actor and producer.
     Finalist of the Audience Award, Valladolid International Film Festival.
     Selected for the Alcalá de Henares Film Festival.
Milagros  (2006), directed by Javier Figuero. Lead actor and producer.
     Best short film award at the Religion Today International Film Festival, Rome (Italy).
     Second Prize at the Pol-8 International Film Festival, Zdruj (Poland).
     Best-seller in Poland. 
Hombres tranquilos  (2002),directed by Ángel Loza. Supporting actor.
     Audience Award at the Siena International Film Festival. 
     Special Jury Award for best short film at the International Latin American Film Festival, Andújar (Jaén). 
     Best short film award at the Fuengirola International Film Festival.
     Special Mention of the Jury, Festival `A Lo Cortico´.
Líneas de fuego  (2002),directed by Jorge Dorado. Supporting actor.
     Finalist of the Audience Award at the Valladolid International Film Festival.


Collaborations for the TV show "Espejo Público", Antena 3.
"Caiga quien caiga" ,  Tele5. 
"Médico de familia", Tele5.  Guest appearance. 
"Manos a la obra",  Antena 3. Guest appearance.
"Centro médico" ,TVE 1. "Mixto psicótico", guest appearance in a leading role.


"Christmas Tale", directed by Brian Lidstone. BBC, London 1990.


-"Tras los Pasos de Edith Stein" (Following in Edith Stein´s steps) (2013). Director, screenwriter and producer.
Finalist at the Artelesia Film Festival, Benevento (Italy), 2014. Length: 65 minutes.

-"La belleza salvará el mundo" (2015). Codirector, co-writer and co-producer. 
 In collaboration with filmmaker Javier Figuero Espadas. 


-An Interview about acting techniques for the Dante Alighieri Society, winner of the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2005.
-He has given several lectures on Cinema and Spirituality at: 
 Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona / San Pablo Ceu University, Madrid
 Cinema and Education Forum, Vía de la Plata Film Festival, Extremadura (Spain) /
 Ateneo de Madrid 
-He has collaborated with Javier Figuero for the Master in Film Directing at San Pablo Ceu University (2010).
-Support teacher for Growman Group, oratory course (2007-2009).
-Interpreter for Bob McAndrew, Actor ante la Cámara (The actor before the camera) courses. Madrid, 2000.
-Interpreting teacher at the Dante Alighieri Society.
-Interpreting teacher.  Private lessons.
-Lecture at the University of Salamanca, faculty of Philosophy.
-Lecture at San Bartolome residence hall, Salamanca.
-Collaboration in an essay on aesthetics and research on acting, in relation to Hans Urs Von Balthasar´s philosophy and thought, written by D. José Manuel Domínguez De La Fuente. University of Salamanca.


8 awards in the Best Actor category, 2 special mentions, and 3 nominations for his role in Flow (2014-2016).
Best Actor, the Atlas Awards International Film Festival (USA, 2017).
Best Actor, Calella Film Festival (Spain, 2016).
Best Actor, ReelHeART International Film Festival (Canada, 2016).
Best Actor, Mirabile Dictu International Catholic Film Festival (The Vatican, 2015).

Best Actor, the London Shows Film Festival (UK, 2015).
Best Actor, Top Indie Film Awards (USA, 2015).
Best Actor, Peloponnesian International Film Festival (Greece, 2014). 
Best Actor, Overlook CinemAvvenire Film Festival (Italy, 2014).

Special Mention of the Jury at the I Filmmaker International Film Festival, Marbella (Spain), 2016.
Honourable Mention of the Jury at
the Indie Festival Awards (USA, 2015).

Nominated for Best Revelation Actor by the Cinema Writers Circle of Spain in 2016.
Nominated for Best Actor at the Genre International Film Festival (USA/Shanghai, 2016).
Nominated for Best Actor at the Maverick Awards, Los Angeles (USA), 2015.

35 national and international awards for the film Flow, where he performs as an actor (in a leading role), screenwriter and producer. 
15 Best picture awards, 2014-2016.
10 Best actor awards.
Nominated for Best screenplay at the PELOPONNESIAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (2014).


A documentary on the poetry of San Juan de la Cruz, García Lorca and Calderón de la Barca. Director, screenwriter and producer. 
A short film written and directed by Javier Figuero. Lead actor.
A film written, produced and directed by A. Loza. Supporting actor. 
A TV Series for Televisión Española.


Height:   1.77 m /  Weight:  77 Kg /  Hair colour: light brown /  Eye colour : green